Bike Queenstown

Queenstown has plenty of riding to offer for every level of rider. 

group_shot.jpg We work closely with Queenstown Bike taxis, Fat Tyre Helibiking and the Trails trust to help you maximize your biking holiday throughout Otago, Southland and New Zealand

For bikers with their own bike we can provide  bike cleaning facilities and secure storage. We can organize transport to and from the Queenstown Airport, to and from the local trail networks and we are a mere 300 meters from the Skyline Gondola, accessing the Queenstown Bike Park. Pinewood Lodge is truly a "bike in bike out" destination and our passionate local staff would love to share their knowledge and experience with you. Stay and ride with us!



There is an amazing wealth of trails in the Queenstown area. 

We literally have something for everyone, from wine tours through the vineyards on three speed cruiser bikes, to epic cross country missions, to serious adrenaline pumping down hills...

Whether you are a Sunday driver or a speed freak Queenstown is a biking paradise. Take a cruise through this section of the site to read up on some of the trails and areas you might like to ride, no doubt you will find something that sounds just perfect. There are more trails than we can put on here so if you would like someone to put together a customised package for you please let us know what level you are.  This section is being constantly updated so come back round from time to time to see what's new!


Queenstown Bike Park is accessed from the Skyline Gondola.  Lift passes are $85 for a full day and $60am or $70pm for half days (note times change throughout the season depending on daylight savings).  This is probably the best value for money a gravity junkie can get in town.  There are a wide variety of trails available and beginners and intermediates need not be intimidated, there are some wonderful smooth tracks with great views that are perfect places to start your adventures on a mountain bike.  For experts, it is all there, berms, hucks, cliffs, tech, roots, rocks, north shore, downhill paradise awaits…

SKIPPERS CANYON - Grade: Moderate 

Skippers Canyon, a place to make you say “WOW”, before you even get on your bike! The rock formations and tracks are wicked. There is a heap of history with the gold mining, old traces of a pub and a few farm animals like sheep & cows to moo at!  Whether you’re confident or not there is a dirt road to follow, or a nice single track to hoon down, if you want to loop the single track it will take about 45Min to bike back up.  With a good 4x4 you can make it a shuttle run.  This is a Queenstown Classic, worth it for the views and history

Located right in the heart of Queenstown, Wynyard is a super fun downhill track with nice big flowing berms. It’s a 5-minute shuttle from the bottom of Fernhill round about, where the end one-mile car park is located, to the start of the track at the top of Wynyard Crescent. The track has heaps of cool little features and steep parts to hit on the way down. Mid way down there is a legendary jump park: the Wynyard Dream and Mini Dream... Here the best of the best can show their stuff and the rest of us can test our nerve. Some smaller lines are there for the less hard core to hit as well so all comers are welcome. Each lap will take 4 to 10 minutes riding with a 5-minute car shuttle to the top.  You can get there on your own or with Queenstown Bike Taxi.

ZOOT - Grade: Moderate

Zoot track is awesome; you may have seen it in Ant Hill Film’s Follow Me. Off the side of the Coronet Peak Access Road it rips through the alpine tussock and schist rock terrain in a wicked ribbon of dirt.  Multiple features abound on the side of the track that expert riders will hit at pace, lofting through the picturesque scenery.  For those of us that are not hard charging experts, however, the track allows for any pace and you need not be a movie star to enjoy the ride.  This is a Queenstown must do. You can take your own car to do laps or call Queenstown Bike Taxis.