Cliff Jumping with Shotover Canyon Swing

Cliff Jumping with Shotover Canyon Swing

Nothing can really prepare you for the feeling of chucking yourself off a cliff and seeing the world below rushing towards you. Similar to a bungy, the swing effortlessly glides you from a terrifying freefall to an enjoyable swing across the canyon. You’ll find yourself laughing at the pure rush of fear you’ve just experienced.

All the crew from start to finish were awesome and a great laugh. The jump masters especially, trying to mess with your head before the jump in a cheeky and playful manor, really adds to the whole experience.

What made the experience even greater was the personal touch throughout the day. There are a limited number of people on the journey - from the drive to the canyon onto the platform – meaning everyone has a tailored and special day. This was perfect for a group of friends encouraging each other on and having a laugh with the staff.

Will be leaving Queenstown with an awesome memory of the Canyon Swing and will recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you haven’t already, DO IT!