Shotover Jet

Shotover Jet

The view of seeing the canyons in the stunning waters of the famous Shotover River is one of the natural beauties of Queenstown, and is the introduction to the Shotover beach. It’s only until you’re on the jet boat that you really appreciate the scale of these dramatic canyons, and just how impressive the whole area is. As you jet through 4 inches of water, narrowly missing the canyon walls, you’re never far from an adrenaline rush – gripping tighter onto the (heated) handrail!

The whole process from check in to getting onto the boat is seamless and stress-free, meaning there’s nothing to worry about apart from which seat you’d like to sit in on the boat. All the staff are super friendly and helpful, with photographers and videographers at every opportunity, it’s one to take home to show friends and family!

No worries if you’ve forgotten your GoPro, the best bits of the journey are filmed from the front and the back of the boat, meaning not a moment or facial expression is missed! If you’ve got room in your schedule to spend a bit of time on the Shotover beach, or are not one for jet boating, there is a lovely café with great views of the canyons.

It was amazing to jet through one of world’s richest rivers, and to learn a bit of history about the area also – an experience not to be missed, even if you’re in Queenstown for just a couple of days, it’s a must!

Don’t forget to check out the Wall of Fame on the Shotover Beach – there’s quite a few impressive faces on there!