The art of flight

The art of flight

Nothing compares to the feeling of flying through the air, and when the only shelter you have from the elements is your jacket, it’s the best way to really appreciate the speed you’re going purely from gliding on a parachute!

The unmissable views from the heights above the mountains are just beautiful and can be enjoyed from way above the hustle and bustle of the slopes below, enabling you to feel at one with the sky.

If paragliding is something you’re a bit unsure of, have no fear as the experience and knowledge the pilots have is vast and they are so calm and collected when it comes to explaining how everything works – if you’re interested!

What’s great about flying with Coronet Peak Paragliding and Hang Gliding is they give you the opportunity to be in control of the parachute, and learn what it takes to manoeuvre the parachute, which is really exciting. 

The feeling of running down a mountain towards the cliff edge, to then be swooped off your feet into a very relaxing flight is something that is very hard to describe, and one that will bring a smile to your face!

You also get the choice of experiencing the G-Force that occurs when the pilots perform some acrobatics, which again, is just an awesome feeling and one that can’t be experienced in everyday life.

Paragliding is something that suits all clientele (even those afraid of heights!) and it’s a wonderful memory to hold of Queenstown. The pilots also record the entire flight with their GoPros, so everything is captured for you to relive the experience over and over.