Pinewood Reception

At home in the adventure capital

Are you one to take the less travelled route, delve a little deeper into your holiday destination and mingle with the Kiwi folks that make New Zealand so unique? Well, then Pinewood Lodge is the perfect accommodation for you.

A village of houses big, small, shared and solo, Pinewood Lodge is your home away from home. Nestled into the mountain side, surrounded by stunning vistas, grand pines and open grassy areas, it's your hideaway just 10-minutes' walk from the hustle and bustle.

All of the houses and units have their own lounge, kitchen and bathroom, providing you with everything you need to put your feet up, have a dinner in or brew yourself a cuppa.

Our staff love Queenstown as much as you do and have plenty of local tips and tricks to help you make the most of your visit.

If you're short on mates, our social areas, friendly staff and like-minded guests make it the perfect place to meet new people. If you're here to relax or just not really a people-person, our private rooms and homes provide the seclusion you so desire. There's truly room for everyone at Pinewood Lodge.


As well as being super friendly, our reception is a full booking agency. Helpful staff with local tips and tricks, we'll give you all the advice you need to have a local experience. We also offer discounts on some activities, so it's always worth checking in before you check out Queenstown.

Explore by bike:

If you're pretty good on two wheels or just keen to explore Queenstown by bike, Pinewood Lodge is located just a two-minute ride away from the Queenstown Bike Park. Assuming you're not an Olympic speed racer, then it's probably less.

For winter ski bunnies:

Pinewood Lodge is the perfect place to park your ski bum before heading up the mountain. After a big day on the slopes, store your equipment in our drying room, and then jump in the spa pool to soothe your aching muscles and/or pride.

Bag and gear storage:

We've got safe storage space for all your gear and valuables, including ski storage outside most units, bike storage by The Hub, bag storage at reception and a safe for those extra precious items. Identification tags available on request.

The classic kiwi BBQ:

There's nothing like standing around a burning grill with a cold stubby in hand and a good mate by your side. In fact, some would say it's a New Zealand rite of passage. We've got a shared 'barbie' area for groups - that's BBQ in Kiwi.


We recommend spending as much time away from your phone and computer as possible, but when you need the internet we've got you covered. WiFi is available throughout the property.

The Hub:

This is where you'll find our communal lounge and groups restaurant. It is available for sole use for private functions with prior booking. The Hub includes a TV inside, while our fireplace and indoor outdoor area provide mingling space for all.


Being the adventure capital of New Zealand, we thought we should probably have two laundries. They are both open twenty-four hours and contain automatic washing machines, dryers and irons. Powder and change available at reception.


All private rooms include bed linen and towels. Dorms include bed linen only, but towels can be hired from reception if you're one of those 'travel light' folks.

Off-street parking:

There is free off-street parking for vehicles and trailers on a first come first served basis.